Zelina Vega’s stock has never once decreased after she came back to WWE in 2021. She is the self-proclaimed ‘boujee weeb,’ among other things, as she absolutely loves all things pop culture, whether it is games, anime, movies, and more. Vega recently slapped Madcap Moss in front of his real-life girlfriend.

A six-person tag team match starring Zelina Vega occurred at a recent WWE live event in Miami, Florida. The fight featured both male and female superstars, with the 2021 Queen’s Crown winner and Madcap Moss colliding in a noteworthy moment. Last Thursday, Vega joined forces with Legado Del Fantasma comrades Joaquin Wilde and Cruz Del Toro.

To fight the heels, Moss teamed up with his real-life girlfriend, Emma, and Kofi Kingston. At one point during the match, the former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion decided to capitalize on the intergender situation. Vega stood on the ring apron and slapped Moss across the face, eliciting a huge pop from the live audience. Sports Entertainment Pal also posted the moment on Twitter.

Emma entered the ring after the smack to Madcap Moss and dealt with the Zelina Vega dilemma. Legado Del Fantasma would lose, as Kofi Kingston’s Trouble in Paradise move assured the babyfaces’ triumph. The Miami live event featured Ronda Rousey, Gunther, and several other top talents. You can watch the scene in the tweet below.


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