For the past several weeks, Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair have been at each other’s throats for things that happened several years ago in WCW. They have not hesitated to fire shots at each other during their podcast episodes. While Eric has stated that he has no idea why Flair is made at him, The Nature Boy has made it clear he wasn’t happy with the way he was treated in WCW.

The feud has many speculating that it could be a work that could lead to a special podcast or a live show. Tony Schiavone also weighed in on this rivalry during a Q&A session on He said:

“First of all, you got to keep in mind that both Bischoff and Flair are full of sh*t. Believe me. So when you bring that into the equation and you sit there and you listen to two people, you look at them and you listen to them going back and forth and you think, ‘Both these guys are full of sh*t. I ought to make my own decisions.’”

Eric Bischoff recently stated that he wanted to end this bickering. Hence, it will be interesting to see if both men finally pull back and stop dragging each other for something that happened years ago. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of such stories.


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