Update: Hours after his original tweet, Dutch Mantell tweeted out to admit that it was all a joke. “I made a tweet earlier that said I got robbed on the streets in Nashville and went to the ER. It was a JOKE. I apologize for those that took it as legit. I appreciate all the msgs asking if I’m OK. I am. Humbled by the concern guys.”

Original: Dutch Mantell is regarded as one of the most respected veterans in the wrestling business. Mantell has been a part of every major role in the industry, from trying his luck as an in-ring competitor to putting his creative genius behind the scenes and onscreen for wrestling promotions. However, recently he was involved in a personal tragedy while taking a walk on the street.

Dutch Mantell began his journey in the wrestling world in 1972. He wrestled for various promotions until 1990, following which he worked in various roles such as commentator, booker, and on-screen manager. He became widely popular for his work in WWE under the name “Zeb Colter.”

The former WWE manager, today likes to give his take on wrestling topics going around through various public and podcast appearances. However, Dutch Mantell recently posted on Twitter about being robbed on the street when someone hit him with a rock. He also stated that he was at ER and took a dig at wrestling star James Storm.

“Walking down the street in Nashville today thinking about what a great country the USA is. I thought how lucky I am. Then somebody threw a rock, hit me in the head and I got robbed. Now I’m at the ER with a concussion. Where’s @JamesStormBrand when I need him?”

Dutch Mantell was highly regarded for being the manager of superstars like Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro in WWE. His last program saw him being Del Rio’s manager, following which the association dissolve in December 2015 and Mantell left the company in May 2016. Here’s hoping that Dirty Dutch doesn’t have to deal with an experience like this again.

Do you think Dutch Mantell can return to a behind-the-scenes role in WWE? Sound off in the comments!

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