AEW has been in the news frequently over the past few months. It started all with booking decisions surrounding CM Punk and the way his injury was handled. Then criticism increased further as Tony Khan kept mum on the suspension of several AEW superstars who part of the backstage brawl that took place after All Out came to a close.

However, one criticism AEW has received consistently over the past few years is the recklessness of the young talent who would do just about anything to impress the crowd. Dutch Mantell was the latest to criticize the promotion’s talent for being too reckless. This didn’t sit well with the fans, who called him a hater. Dutch Mantell took to Twitter to hit back at fans who thought he was a hater.

Why is it that if anything is said about @AEW, it’s automatically judged to be negative and with an agenda behind it? I merely stated that some of AEW’s talent was reckless yet to some AEW fans, it’s conspiracy city. I’ve already been branded as an AEW “hater”. @WSI_YouTube

This statement from Dutch Mantell comes after Hangman Page was the latest of AEW talent to get injured after he took a clothesline from Jon Moxley that left him unable to finish the match. Although Hangman Page issued a statement the following day, it is still unclear when he will return to the ring as of now.


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Sunil Joseph

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