Vince McMahon is apparently telling people that he is planning a return to WWE, despite the fact that the same report also contained more charges, including sexual assault. The news was revealed on December 13th. McMahon stated that he regretted standing down as WWE Chairman in July, claiming that he had gotten improper counsel. Jim Cornette thinks Vince returning is not a good idea.

Vince McMahon believes that if he had remained in his post, the entire matter would have died away, and he was given bad advice to step down. While Ric Flair has spoken out in support of McMahon, Jim Cornette believes a return is not a good idea.

The legendary manager discussed the counsel McMahon may have received and his thinking on his podcast, The Jim Cornette Experience. Jim Cornette, as always, did not go light with his opinion.

Well, one would think the advice was coming from inside the house. But I don’t think that was the only place that advice was coming from. He probably, some people that would give him the same advice, he wouldn’t blame them as much as people close to him. That’s who he would blame for the advice because they should have known better, but that’s the Vince that I knew and worked with. Deny, deny, deny, do what you want to do, it’s all gonna blow over, move on or whatever the f*ck however you want to describe that.


I think it’s probably coming from what have we said? Vince wasn’t gonna not work, Vince has been working on something he’s probably been working on figuring out how to get back to work. But he’s been working on something, he has been occupying his time with something. And or whether it’s dwelling on what happened, because Jesus Christ, sh*t does blow over. At various points, a lot of people have been the, you know, the worst person in the world and cancelled and nobody wants to hear from them again. And then suddenly they’re back doing commercials or whatever.

But you know, in this case, Vince is probably, he didn’t think that, as we saw from the first couple of appearances he did on television, he thought it was gonna blow over, he wasn’t gonna put it over.

Then someone got to him with how serious it was, and it is going to be bad if something doesn’t happen, and he acquiesced to it. And in probably whatever point in time that after that, however quickly it was that he started getting bored, and or ruminating about it. And now he wants something to f*cking do. And you cannot stop Vince McMahon, like I said, from either working or working on a way to start working again.

Cornette went on to examine the state of WWE and its programming in the absence of Vince McMahon. While WWE television isn’t currently setting the world on fire, the wrestling manager turned podcaster indicated that efforts are being made to get past the creative issues that plagued McMahon in the last months of his tenure.

Well, the questions to or the answers to both those questions have come when as soon as that article was released, and that statement from Vince was in there, the stock price went down a couple dollars. And secondly, well, all we’ve been talking about for the past couple of months now or more. Guys want to go back and work for Triple H…

So no, I think it’s bad creatively because Raw is not setting, or all programs are not setting the world on fire with the ratings either. But at least they’re trying to do something to get out of that goofy funk that they were in the last little while with Vince. And so yeah, I don’t see a lot of the guys wanting [a Vince return].

The old guys that made a tonne of money with Vince and worked with him when he, you know, before he lost his mind apparently, they love him, and they take up for him. But I think the guys that were there and having to buck up under all that stuff. I think no, I think Vince for PR, for creative and potentially just for hiring, he needs to, he needs to be separated from that situation. But it’s his, how can you separate him if you don’t want to be separated?

I said a couple months ago, maybe it was by now, that he is the kind of guy that he said to Triple H, it’s yours now. You’re picking the flavour of ice cream, so I’m not going to interfere. Well, that’s best for business, and that’s an opinion that Vince will have until he changes his mind and thinks that well, maybe God dammit, it might be better if I did something else, and came back or whatever. And then that might be tough talking about.

Despite Vince McMahon’s apparent desire to return, there appears to be little support within the company for his return. It has been reported that even his closest allies feel that it would “cripple the corporation” if he came back.

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