Edge was at the peak of his career when he was forced to retire due to a neck injury. However, Edge surprised everyone by returning to the WWE at the 2020 Royal Rumble match. Since his return, Edge was involved in some notable storylines and even formed the Judgment Day before getting booted from the stable itself.

Earlier this year, Edge announced that 2023 would be his final year and he plans to retire in Canada. This left fans puzzled as to why the Rated R Superstar has been kept off television despite having only a year with the company.

Fightful Select is now reporting that Edge is on a deal with limited dates remaining which is why he hasn’t been featured on WWE television since his I Quit Match against Finn Balor. One WWE higher up informed Fightful that the vignettes aired on television during the summer was a way to build to some important matches throughout the year.

“WWE sources confirmed that Edge is on a deal with limited dates, which is why he has appeared periodically since splitting him from the Judgment day feud. One WWE higher up said that the vignettes this past summer were a way to “buy some weeks” on television before Edge’s return, and give them a little more time in order to build to some important matches throughout the rest of the year, which happened with the Balor and Priest matchups,” per Fightful Select.


Fightful also reported that if the earlier reports regarding Edge’s three year deal are correct, then his deal could be up soon. However, they were unable to confirm this. Fightful also mentioned that Edge had talks with AEW before his WWE return in 2020.

“In 2020, it was reported that Edge was on a three-year contract, for 25 appearances and 5 matches per year. However, that was either incorrect or amended, as Edge competed in ten matches in 2021, and has already competed in six matches in 2022. We aren’t sure when his deal is up or how many appearances are left on his existing deal. If the length was correctly reported, that deal could be up soon, if it wasn’t frozen due to injury. We’ve not confirmed if that’s the case. Edge had talks with All Elite Wrestling before his WWE return in 2020.”

If the reports regarding Edge’s deal are true, then the Rated R Superstar could make his return anytime soon. We will have to wait and see when Edge will return to the company. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we keep you updated on this story as it develops.

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