John Laurinaitis was the Head of Talent Relations until he was released from his duties following Vince McMahon’s exit. Following his departure from the company, Jim Ross commented that Laurinaitis deserves to be out of job for what he did to him.

Dutch Mantell addressed Jim Ross’ comments on a recent episode of Story Time with Dutch Mantell saying that he was surprised since Ross barely spoke ill of anyone.

“JR talks very seldomly about people that he doesn’t like and this right here kinda surprised me that he talked about Laurinaitis in such a way,” Mantell said. “There’s no doubt that he doesn’t respect Laurinaitis with that last comment he made. So if he’s out of the loop, I agree with Jim. He kinda deserves it,” said Dutch Mantell.

Dutch Mantell also recalled hearing some stories about how John Laurinaitis took advantage of girls in the locker room. He continued his allegations by relaying stories he heard about Johnny Ace.


“I’ve heard some stories about Laurinaitis and the girls up there in WWE. Some of those girls were really, really nice girls. They’ve been around guys but they’ve never been around a dressing room with wrestlers and the vibe is different. They’re trying to fit in, they’re trying to get people to like them, especially management, and he was trying to take advantage of that.”

While it’s sad to see someone lose their job, if the rumors surrounding John Laurinaitis are true, then maybe he had it coming to him. Based on what’s being said about him following his release, it looks like we have seen the end of Laurinaitis in WWE. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more coverage of such stories.

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