Roman Reigns is at the top of his game. He has proven himself to be an excellent champion with great character work and in-ring skills. CM Punk also talked about Roman Reigns’ character in WWE, where he praised his character and in-ring work.

A video clip of CM Punk talking about Roman Reigns’ character work recently resurfaced on Twitter. In the clip, CM Punk admitted that WWE was only doing one thing right, and it was Roman Reigns. Punk acknowledged that Reigns’ character work, storyline, and in-ring work was the total package.

One fan wrote: “Roman does heel work way better than Babyface work. I’m glad they waited until the end of 2020 to put the work into the whole Head of the Table gimmick.”

Another fan tweeted out to say, “Wasn’t Punk critical about Roman in the past? Maybe his opinion has changed but this is the most positive WWE talk I’ve heard from him in awhile. Interesting timing.”


A third fan chimed in saying, “Exactly CM punk is right, Roman is the only best thing in WWE right now because it’s Roman and a bunch of other cartoon characters like Bad luck Holland and gumdrop and butch the cat. Change my mind.”

CM Punk added that WWE should have let Reigns be heel long ago, and that they are five years late on the matter. Reigns previously said that he personally doesn’t enjoy Punk’s act. He also said that CM Punk’s failed UFC career made him less believable to fans.

Roman Reigns’ reinvention as heel has truly shown just how good he can be both as an in-ring performer and character. Roman Reigns was outright rejected by the WWE Universe when he was pushed as a top baby face for several years. Check out fan reactions below.

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