Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson remains one of the biggest names in pro wrestling as well as in Hollywood. The Rock is very dedicated to everything he does, whether that is his family, friends, job or especially his physique. The Rock went the extra mile for his role as Black Adam. In fact, even EC3 was impressed by what The Rock did and ended up calling him sick and twisted over it.

The Rock has one of the best bodies in all of Hollywood, and he didn’t achieve that without putting in the work. In fact, The Rock is completely obsessed with fitness and the gym in general.

It is also a very known fact that The Rock pushed himself to the absolute limit while preparing for his role as Black Adam. While speaking to GQ earlier this year, The Rock’s trainer even detailed just how strenuous his workout routine was.

The Black Adam training process was chest and triceps, back and biceps, shoulders, arms, then chest and back – one of those groups a day – but focused on getting lots of blood into the muscle as opposed to training really heavy. Day six is normally on Sunday, so there’s a day off beforehand, and that’ll be leg day. We specifically planned a leg workout on the weekend because it’s away from his working week so that he can recover without it impacting his job. Imagine going from a killer leg workout into 12 hours of filming? It wouldn’t work. A leg session these days can be something like: leg press, hack squat, chain lunges, 100 lbs dumbbell sumo squat, with no rest between them. Typically there’s a negative hold for three seconds and one-second pause at the bottom on something like the sumo squat. We use a lot of negatives.


We do cardio first thing in the morning each day, on an empty stomach. I love fasted cardio. That will vary between steady state and high-intensity intervals on the Stairmaster or the elliptical. With steady state, he’s keeping his heart rate roughly in the 125bpm to 135 bpm range, which is probably around 70 per cent intensity for him. The interval training is usually maximum intensity for about 30 seconds, and then immediately into steady state for a minute and a half, to two minutes. The idea is that you’re just recovering enough and then the next interval comes. At the peak of leaning down for Black Adam, we were doing 20 minutes on an empty stomach in the morning, and 15 minutes after a workout. He doesn’t need to do more than that.

While speaking on The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, former WWE Superstar EC3 talked about The Rock’s insane workout dedication for Black Adam. Due to this, he called The Rock ‘sick and twisted,’ among other things.

“Like he put up six months’ worth of workouts for two shirtless scenes in Black Adam. I gotta be honest, it’s Hollywood, it’s CGI, you’re jacked. You literally have no need to be the most conditioned person on the planet for that one day for this movie shoot because, you know, they’ll make you look like that anyways. But he does that because he’s sick, twisted, demented, psychotic, like me.”

Some people have called out The Rock for using some “help” to achieve that massive look. Still, he has supporters like Kevin Nash, who are eager to defend him.

The Rock also recently flexed doing ‘daddy curls’ with his daughter. The Rock will forever remain a beloved star in any field and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. We’ll have to see what’s next in store for The Great One.

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