Heath Slater has been fan of professional wrestling for a long time it would seem. Heath has always made an effort to make his trio the finest, often making personal pitches. One of the veterans Heath Slater sought in the 3MB Faction was Jon Moxley.

A former member of The Shield nearly joined 3MB, according to former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. The Stamford-based business signed the Scottish Warrior in 2007. Before the business terminated his contract in 2014, he was an active rival for almost seven years.

McIntyre joined the trio of Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and 3MB over the latter two years of his initial WWE stint. Drew McIntyre discussed the formation of 3MB in an interview with Faction 919. He revealed that Heath Slater had first put out a few names for his squad, including former WWE Champion and Shield member Jon Moxley.

“He [Heath Slater] wanted a group and they decided we’re gonna give you that group… He started making suggestions of individuals he felt that would suit that role, like Fandango before he was Fandango… Jon Moxley, you know today, Dean Ambrose, he’s also got a bit of a quirky personality, he could see him as part of it. Those were some of his suggestions.”


Recent allegations concerning their current connection were made by former member of the Shield. It seems like they aren’t too close anymore. For further updates, stay tuned to Ringside news.

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