3MB did their thing in WWE for a while, but they failed to set the world on fire. Everyone from that stable has been released from WWE, and then Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre returned to WWE and became World Champions. We are still waiting for Heath Slater’s return after his 2020 release, but that’s not out of the realm of possibility yet.

The members of 3MB made a lot of memoires on the road, but that stable would have been very different if Heath Slater had his way. While talking to Such Good Shoot, Slater revealed that he wanted Dean Ambrose, Fandango and EC3 for his stable instead.

“He wanted me to be the one man band. No, it was the one man rock band. The one man southern rock band. The one man country band, or I don’t know, he had me doing so much stuff to where I was like, ‘Man, can I just be the one man band?’”

“I ran with it, ran with with for a while. Then it wasn’t going nowhere and ran its course. I was like, ‘Come on. I need a band now. I’ve been a one man band. Let me have a band.’ They’re just like, ‘Oh, who are you thinking?’ I pitch [Dean] Ambrose, Fandango, and EC3. And this is before any of them are on TV. Fandango and EC3 were on NXT season three or something. So I pitch for those three. And then they were like, ‘Okay, let me get back with you.’ And this is Michael Hayes the whole time I’m talking with. The month goes by — nothing. You know, like, ‘Hey, baby, what the hell, man? I need this band!’”


Giving the One Man Band an actual band seemed like a good idea at the time. WWE had their own plan for the stable and Heath Slater rolled with the punches. We’ll never know what would have happened if WWE picked Dean Ambrose, EC3, and Fandango for that stable instead of Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. Interestingly enough, Slater’s original choices are no longer with WWE anymore, so he might be able to get that band together eventually.

What’s your take on Heath Slater’s original vision of 3MB? Sound off in the comments!

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