Chris Jericho’s illustrious career first gained traction when he was part of WCW. During his tenure in WCW, Jericho won the WCW Cruiserweight Championship four times. Although he was never considered a top guy, he was still involved in some pretty good storylines.

One such storyline involved Scott Hall. On the November 3rd, 1997 episode of WCW Nitro, Chris Jericho shocked the world by defeating Scott Hall in under three minutes. Many fans pointed that Scott Hall was also beaten in a similar fashion by 123 Kid previously.

During a recent episode of his 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff recalled the moment claiming that Chris Jericho might owe his career to Scott Hall for that moment.

“I don’t think it was an, I don’t think consciously anybody was going, okay, let’s, we got Jericho here.


Oh, look what they did with 123 Kid, and what Scott Hall did. I don’t think it was con, at least I don’t think it was a conscious effort. Certainly not on my part. Um, Did Scott Hall kind of go back to the well and do something that, and suggest doing something that had worked really well previously? It’s entirely possible.

Doesn’t make it a bad move, does it? And by the way, how did Chris Jericho do? I think he did. Okay. Yeah, so maybe it was the right thing to do. Maybe Chris Jericho owes his career to, to Scott Hall. Who knows? Maybe you have, you know, 123 Kid, A surprise win that he got in WWE, which really put 123 Kid on the map.

And perhaps Scott went back to the well and said, Hey, it works so well with 123 Kid. Let’s do it again with Chris Jericho. That could have happened, and if it did happen, guess what? It f**king worked so good on you Scott,” said Eric ewBischoff.

Following his departure from WCW, Chris Jericho went on to enjoy a successful career in the WWE. Now, decades later, Jericho is still relevant and enjoying a successful run in AEW. Stay tuned to Ringside News as we bring you similar stories.

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