The Iron Sheik was a fierce competitor during the golden age of WWE. The unpredictable Sheik was known to strike fear in the hearts of his opponents, and now Elon Musk needs to watch his back. Iron Sheik has targeted Twitter owner Elon Musk, and now he has elevated the feud with another message.

Iron Sheik started competing in WWE back in 1979, where his first run lasted for a year, and then made a return to the company in 1983. The Sheik also achieved championship success during his time, winning the tag team titles with Nikolai Volkoff and WWF World Heavyweight Championship on one occasion.

The Iranian superstar is active in voicing his opinion on Twitter and has been recently involved in heated feud with the platform’s owner, Elon Musk. He took a major shot at the Tesla Founder, advising him to mend his ways, or he will put him in the camel clutch, news that made headlines. In the process, he also shared a screenshot from Ringside News‘ article about the subject. The Iron Sheik reacted to the news on Twitter, claiming that Elon will face his wrath, should he try to get wise with him.



Elon Musk might have seen these threatening remarks on Twitter, however there is no official statement from him regarding the same. It will be interesting to see if the Iron Sheik continues to provoke Elon Musk.

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Nikunj Walia

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