Eric Bischoff, the former Senior Vice President of WCW, has been very critical of AEW CEO & President Tony Khan on his podcast for a good while. Now he has ramped up his criticisms in a big way by throwing a big shot at TK.

While speaking on his podcast 83 Weeks, Bischoff opened up about comparing AEW to a vanity project. He thinks that’s true, even though Bischoff is not an employee of the company and not trying to knock him for being a pro wrestling promoter as a childhood dream.

“There are indications that make me believe that’s true, but I’m not there, I’m not behind the scenes,”

“I think, you know, obvious things that make me think it is [a vanity project], is some of the things that Tony has come out and said … I think Tony is, to a degree, living a childhood dream, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you have the ability to do it, provided that you’re looking beyond just your own satisfaction of being in a business that you’ve always been a fan of since you were a little kid.”


AEW is currently the number two pro wrestling company in the world, next to WWE. When reaching heights of success, there will be critics picking apart the product and even the owner. That’s part of the business, but Tony Khan partying with his employees doesn’t help matters.

It would be nice to see Eric Bischoff and Tony Khan eventually hash out their differences regarding how the latter runs AEW. It should be a fun experience if it were to happen.

Do you agree with Bischoff about AEW being a vanity project for Khan? Sound off in the comments!

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Andre Porter

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