Mandy Rose is currently one of the most gorgeous and talented WWE superstars in the industry. She is now getting remarks like “grandma” from other WWE stars due to her veteran status. However, Rose is skilled at responding to them.

Roxanne Perez triumphed in the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge, which was held for a #1 contender shot at the NXT Women’s Championship, last night on WWE NXT Deadline. In a fierce struggle, Roxanne won against Zoey Stark, Cora Jade, Kiana James, and Indi Hartwell.

Mandy Rose soon sent Roxanne a tweet to congratulate her after she won. Roxanne took offense to Rose referring to the 21-year-old star as a “baby girl.” She then addressed Mandy Rose as “grandma” in her reply. Soon after, Mandy fired back and told Roxanne that she looked better than she and the other NXT rookies.

“HAHAHHAH GRANDMA !!!! I’m crying 😭😂😂😂😂😆😆🤣


This “grandma” looks better than all you little girls, stop playin!!! “

It will be interesting to see if Roxanne Perez can dethrone Mandy and claim the NXT Women’s Championship, or if Mandy will maintain the title and continue her illustrious reign. Stay tuned to Ringside News to get the latest updates.

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