WWE brought a loaded show for RAW this week, but one spot in the Austin Theory vs Mustafa Ali match worried fans. The two botched a frankensteiner, and it wasn’t pretty. Now we have a bit more clarification about what happened.

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Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall to explain exactly what happened during that botch on WWE RAW this week. Apparently, Theory didn’t hold Ali, and they had a much different initial plan. Then things had to change on the spur-of-the-moment.

Regarding the top rope frankensteiner botch, we’re told that it happened because Theory didn’t hold on to Ali. The idea was for Theory to block the move and lift Ali up into a powerbomb. From there Ali was supposed to counter that move back into the rana. It was Ali that called for the ref to check on Theory and Ali called the audible for the satellite DDT. Theory was also very apologetic backstage for the slip up. But there was no heat between the two. Backstage sources indicated that Theory was very apologetic for the spot afterwards.


We’ll have to see if Mustafa Ali’s storyline continues in WWE at this point. Austin Theory’s star will likely continue climbing at this rate, because as Ringside News exclusively reported, he is in better shape now than when Vince McMahon was in control.

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