Keith Lee is veteran who has faced a lot of difficulties because of his deteriorating health. A lot of time has passed and Keith is still opening up about those struggles. Keith Lee recently revealed that he made no dietary changes after his health scare.

Keith Lee was let go by WWE in November 2021 and joined AEW in February 2022. He has since won and lost the AEW World Tag Team Titles while competing with Swerve Strickland in the contentious Swerve in Our Glory tag team.

Prior to all of that, Lee had to fight for his life as a result of cardiac inflammation brought on by COVID-19 infection. Lee discussed his near-death experience and the most challenging part of his recovery process as he worked to return to the ring in an interview with Sports Guys Talking Wrestling.

“The only thing, during the time where people thought I would die and whatnot, there was a very big ‘don’t do this’ and ‘don’t do that,’ That was very difficult for me, because I very much enjoy training. So to have it taken away from me was very difficult to deal with on a mental level. But also, my body is very used to an intense level of training.”


“I wouldn’t say I’ve changed a whole lot in terms of diet. I changed a little bit in terms of training. But that’s more so reconnecting with things that I loved prior to wrestling and football, which was martial arts, in the form of Muay Thai, something that didn’t change my training, but added to it. I’d say my volume has increased, but not much more than that.”

Regarding the changes Lee has made since his health scare, he claimed that he has rediscovered a love that he had put on hold in favor of pro wrestling and playing college football years before. For further updates stay tuned to Ringside news.

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