Jim Ross is one of the most versatile and well-regarded commentators in the wrestling business. The WWE Hall of Famer is looking better than ever on the commentary booth. However, Ross took a major shot at his former WWE colleague John Laurinaitis for trying to degrade him.

John Laurinaitis started his career as a professional wrestler in NWA in 1986 under the ring name Johnny Ace. He moved to backstage roles after taking retirement in 2000. Big Johnny served as the Executive Vice President of Talent relations for a long tenure, and even as an on-screen authority figure in the early 2010s.

Jim Ross however, does not to seem to see eye to eye with the former General Manager of both RAW and SmackDown. JR also served in a big executive role for WWE at one time, responsible for hiring many upcoming talents and even Laurinaitis himself. He spoke about his issue with Big Johnny on his Grilling JR podcast.

““I had a hard time as time went on trusting Laurinaitis. That’s sad to say. I hired him. I gave him a job when he needed it. I don’t think he treated me quite right. He just wanted to show Vince that he was a better manager than JR and all these things. So now his ass is without a job and he deserves the Goddamn misery that he’s living, that I perceive that he’s living, and I didn’t like how he treated me.”

Jim Ross is currently working as a play-by-play commentor and senior advisor for AEW. He is best known for his long and acclaimed tenure in the WWE. Ross was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2007 for his contributions towards the company.

What’s your take on Johnny Ace’s WWE firing? Sound off in the comments!

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