The bad blood between MJF and Regal seems to be just as present still. Fans were left shocked when MJF attacked Regal with from behind, and he even tweeted about the incident in a jovial manner a few days later.

MJF’s first tweet at the time simply said, “The Reign of Terror has just begun.” It now seems that MJF is determined to not hold back when going after Regal, as he recently took to Twitter again to take a shot at him.

This time, MJF shared a picture of Regal laid out on a stretcher in an ambulance, simply accompanied by the caption, “Lol.” It seems that MJF finds it hilarious that Regal got laid out.

However, this is not the least bit surprising, as this is very in character for MJF. It seems that he was not kidding about the reign of terror having just begun.


Reports are that William Regal might be on his way back to WWE. Only time will tell if Tony Khan’s company will lose the veteran for a backstage role with Triple H.

As for MJF’s tweet itself, it has garnered an interesting mix of responses from fans. While some found humor just where MJF did, others thought that the tweet was in poor taste. Either way, check out the tweet below.

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