Mojo Rawley is one of the most energetic WWE Superstars in the modern era. His infectious energy helped him get over with the fans during his initial days in NXT. This resulted in WWE putting him in a tag team with Zack Ryder called The Hype Bros. Still, not everyone is game to stay hyped with Mojo.

Following his WWE release, Mojo Rawley enjoyed a quiet life out of the spotlight. However, Rawley’s name has made headlines again after he blasted Delta Air Lines’ poor customer service on Twitter.

“Just sat on the phone with @Delta for 2 hours and 8 min. They didn’t resolve my issue but they did just randomly hang up the phone. What quick, efficient customer service!”

Despite being over with the audience, Mojo Rawley was never pushed like he should’ve been. In fact, WWE turned him heel, which also resulted in his downfall as he failed to portray a villainous character. Rawley was finally released from his WWE contract in April 2021.


Mojo Rawley recently married his long-time girlfriend Gracie Tracy in an intimate ceremony. Despite a change in regime, there doesn’t seem to be any plans for Mojo Rawley to return to the WWE.

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Sunil Joseph

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