Mojo Rawley dated Gracie for a couple of years before announced their engagement to the world last February. Since then, the couple have been busy planning their wedding.

Finally, after months of rigorous wedding planning, Mojo Rawley and Gracie got married last Monday at Villa Cora in Florence, Italy. The intimate ceremony was attended by the couple’s close friends and family.

Nia Jax already commented that she couldn’t make the wedding. That didn’t stop a ton of his former co-workers from making the trip.

Among the guests were former and current WWE superstars including Sasha Banks and Kalisto. However, Mojo Rawley’s best friend and former Women’s Champion Nia Jax failed to make the wedding for unknown reasons.


Mojo Rawley posted several pictures and videos from the occasion on his social media handles. We wish the couple a very happy married life.

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Sunil Joseph

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