Saraya’s time with the WWE will go down in history as legendary for many fans, as she paved the way for future female pro wrestlers. Saraya was set to appear in sit-down promo with Renee Paquette and Britt Baker on the AEW Dynamite episode airing on November 2nd, but that didn’t go down as initially planned. The session with Renee took place, but Baker skipped the scheduled segment.

Saraya recently appeared on AEW Unrestricted Podcast, where she discussed the sit-down interview and how they adjusted things without formally clearing it with Tony Khan.

“I was thinking about that promo [announcing she was clear]…we changed it up last minute with the sitdown. Me, Britt, Renee, and Mox [Jon Moxley], because Mox has been a big producer on our segments. After the first promo, he was like, ‘I’m going to f*cking make sure that we make this as best as possible. I want to help you.’ We changed the sit down because they only gave us two minutes. We’re not going to be able to tell a story in two minutes, especially backstage and without a crowd, you can’t feel the energy. That promo, we were supposed to do in two minutes in a backstage. We’re just like, ‘We’re going to change this.’

We didn’t ask Tony about it, we just did it. Britt had to go do something anyway at like five, and she was like, ‘I’ll be right back.’ We just went, ‘We’re going to change it and say she didn’t turn up. It fits in with her thinking that I’m coming in, Renee is my friend,’ we could piece it together so much easier in two minutes. We did that, it went way better, then we told Tony, ‘is it okay if we get this promo next week?’ Luckily, he was so great with it, even though we’re changing his show on the day. ‘Great, we’ll get Britt backstage explaining why she didn’t turn up, next week we can give you six minutes,’ we went over, ‘we’ll give you six minutes.’ It felt right. I’m sorry we went over, but the emotion in the crowd felt good.”


In other parts of the interview, she revealed that following the results of her initial September 28 return promo, Saraya was dissatisfied with how things ended out and began to question her future after reading online reviews. To get the latest updates regarding the wrestler, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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