The return of two-man booths to Raw, SmackDown, and NXT in early October 2022 shook up WWE’s announce teams. That decision wasn’t received well by everyone.

On Raw, Jimmy Smith left the company, leaving Corey Graves on commentary to be joined by Kevin Patrick, who previously worked as a backstage interviewer for WWE. Now, a former WWE writer has slammed him for his “low, boring energy,” on Monday Night Raw.

While speaking on Legion of Raw, former WWE writer Vince Russo criticized Patrick’s role on Raw, comparing his style to Jim Ross’s energy during the Attitude Era.

This guy, I don’t even know his name. Whatever, Dana Patrick? I don’t even know his name. This guy opens up the show with such low, boring energy. This is why I’m so tired of the excuses. What’s the excuse that this guy can’t be excited about opening up this show?


I’m begging anybody, anybody, go watch a show from the Attitude Era and listen to JR open a show. He is so excited, so over the top. He wouldn’t rather be anywhere else in the world. We don’t know what we’re gonna see tonight.

Let’s see if Kevin has anything to say about this. If anything, Triple H seems to be okay with the way he’s doing, or The Game would make a change. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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Shivangini Rawat

Shivangini, a law student, writes for Ringside News to share her passion for wrestling. She joined in 2021, striving to deliver the best content while enjoying her hobbies of baking, cooking, reading and playing musical instruments.

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