WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin was the biggest attraction for the WWE during the Attitude Era. During that same period, he dated former superstar Debra. Austin and Debra were also paired on-screen for a short run. Debra once accused her co-worker Torrie Wilson of hitting on Austin, and the claws came out for a moment.

Debra was considered one of the most beautiful valets during the Attitude Era. She managed superstars like Jeff Jarrett and Owen Hart. Debra was primarily presented as one of the glamorous divas of that generation. She was briefly seen as the manager of her former husband Steve Austin in 2001 during the Invasion storyline as well, mixing reality and on-screen stories.

The Texas Rattlesnake’s then romantic partner got into a brief altercation with fellow WWE superstar Torrie Wilson. Debra once confronted the WWE Hall of Famer backstage, accusing Wilson of hitting on Stone Cold Steve Austin. She spoke about the incident in shoot interview.

“I did that once to Torrie. She was hitting on Steve. That was more of a girl to girl, woman to woman, hitting on my husband, which all women can relate to that. I don’t play that way. […] I just grabbed her by the arm and was like ‘hey, you need to come here right now, and I just told her if she didn’t stop I was gonna kick her butt. That was disrespectful. This is my husband. And she started crying. Yeah [she was with Billy Kidman at the time]. She was crying, her nose was running,”


Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra were together for three years until they split up in 2003. During the same year, Torrie Wilson tied the knot with former WWE superstar Billy Kidman. They spent three years together before announcing their split in 2006 as well, but we’ve never heard of any romantic link between Torrie and Austin thanks to Debra.

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