Dustin Rhodes was featured prominently in the early years of AEW. He was involved in a spectacular match against Cody Rhodes and was involved in some key storylines. However, over the years, his in-ring time has reduced considerably. In fact, Dustin has only competed in five matches this year. The wrestling veteran has revealed what he needs to do before he gets back in the ring and calls it a day.

While speaking on a recent episode of the Talk is Jericho podcast, Dustin Rhodes admitted that he was thinking of retirement. However, he also revealed that he will need a couple of surgeries in order to be as healthy as possible to get back in the ring for a final match.

“I look at Ric Flair, his supposed last match, I don’t wanna do that,” Rhodes told Chris Jericho. “So as long as I can get out of the business and still walk. Because I do need a couple of knee replacements, but that’s fine, I’ll get the knee replacements. I’ll be fine. I’ll be able to walk around. But I just remember getting in the business and seeing a couple of the old timers on walkers and in wheelchairs. I’m like, ‘I don’t wanna get to that point.'”

Dustin Rhodes wrestled his last match on the August 29th episode of AEW Rampage when he successfully challenged Claudio Castagnoli for the ROH World Championship. Given his age and his injury status, it is unlikely that we will see him back in the ring anytime soon.


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