AEW Full Gear saw titles change hands, and several possibilities were made available. However, following AEW Full Gear, there is some backstage turmoil that is being reported on social media.

The whole thing began when Austin Gunn replied to a tweet from JJ Williams, who was covering the Full Gear post-show media scrum. Williams stated that during his cage match, he was questioned about his tribute outfit. He then revealed that it was modeled after Shawn Michaels’ outfit from his Hell in a Cell match because it was Luchasaurus’ favorite match, and it was a way of sticking it to him.

Perry, in Austin Gunn’s words, “wants to be a Gunn so bad.” To which Perry responded, “I don’t know… I think I prefer being booked on the PPVs.” Colen then fired back, “I guess if we changed with the bucks and stayed up until 6 am with the boss we could get a spot too.”

The company doesn’t want any more backstage chaos as they move beyond some of the recent problems, so hopefully, everything gets settled quickly if this isn’t going to result in a match. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.


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Smita Singha Roy

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