Dwayne Johnson already established himself as one of the greatest of all time in the history of professional wrestling. Johnson had an illustrious career in the industry as The Rock, a nickname he still owns the trademark for. However, Ken Shamrock recently claimed that the nickname was actually his.

The former Intercontinental Champion recently appeared in an interview with Wrestling Shoot, where he stated that he had a talk with Johnson after the latter adopted the nickname The Rock. In fact, he claims that it was in his contract.

“When he started using ‘The Rock’ I said ‘bro, you know I was The Rock first, right? He looked at me very confused and then I had a contract where I had all that carved out. So, I said, ‘bro, no seriously, I got it in my contract.”

Ken Shamrock also revealed in the same interview that his WWE contract included the nickname The Rock. He continued saying that nicknames, World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ken ‘The Rock’ Shamrock, and Lions Den were all his trademarks.


“I have it in a contract, yes. UFC and WWF, in both of those I had in the contract World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ken ‘The Rock’ Shamrock, Lions Den, all those things, even the action figures that had Lions Den written on them, I own those, those are mine, those are my trademarks.”

Shamrock had a prosperous career as a mixed martial artist in the UFC prior to entering the Stamford-based Company in 1997. He got the nickname The Rock and World’s Most Dangerous Man while competing there. Shamrock was still referred to by WWE as the World’s Most Dangerous Man throughout his time there, while Johnson became The Rock.

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