Danhausen has emerged as one of the most-must see comedy acts on All Elite Wrestling. His charismatic persona along with face-painted presence and comedic antics made him a popular name in the company. But it now looks like Dan Hausen might be dropping his beloved gimmick moving forward.

Danhausen was signed by Tony Khan’s company in January 2022. He made his debut during Lights Out match between Orange Cassidy and Adam Cole. Danhausen made his presence felt from underneath the ring, as Cole tried to grab a chair and the comedic superstar held onto it.

The face-painted freak has become one of the most popular stars in wrestling conventions and even ranked among the highest earning superstars on the Cameo app. It looks like Danhausen could be in store for character change ahead of AEW’s upcoming pay-per-view, Full Gear. He shared a picture on Twitter with the caption indicating a darker side of him.

“Say the word and I will tear the flesh from those who harm you. #AEWFullGear.”


Danhausen has been teasing a potential heel turn for several weeks, with another picture making his new side evident. It seems that Danhausen might be dropping his comical side.

“I can feel it all around me.”

During a backstage segment on last week’s Rampage, the Factory and The Best Friends were being interviewed by Renee Paquette. Cassidy and his team challenged QT Marshall and his stable to a five vs. five match, with QT indicating that their opposition is short of teammates. This prompted Trent to ask Marshall and his unit to watch a video on the screen, leaving the scene. Danhausen appeared in the video, showing a much different side of himself. It can be safe to assume that Danhausen might unleash this new side at Full Gear.

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