The popular app ‘Cameo’ has seen a lot of demand for content by fans from WWE legends and AEW superstars in the year 2022. This has made stars from the wrestling world emerge among top earning members on Cameo which include Hall of famers, Legends and upcoming AEW stars.

Cameo is a personalized video message service where fans of a particular genre such as Hollywood, Sports and others provide video messages for fans. The price of each video message ranges from $4 to $840 depending on the celebrity from whom it is requested.

Pro Wrestling has emerged on the top for Cameo in terms of earnings as per October 2022 study by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has been named the top earning Cameo celebrity overall from the wrestling fraternity. Apart from Foley, other superstars such as Bret Hart (No. 4), Matt Hardy (9) and Danhausen (10) have been named in the Top 10 Cameo’s highest-earning athletes. In total, the sport of Pro Wrestling has earned an estimated earning of $1.251,033.

Mick Foley, the highest earning wrestling athlete on Cameo, has been largely retired from the ring since 2010. Mrs. Foley’s baby boy is said have to made $500,000 in earnings, according to the study. Furthermore, the young and upcoming Danhausen occupies a spot in the Top 5 Cameo earners, who has been the fixture of wrestling conventions.


Therefore, the study has also highlighted that Pro Wrestlers have got over 15,000 reviews, earning close to $1.3 million in total earnings. The superstars also make an average estimated earning of $35,000 outlasting celebrities from other popular sports such as baseball, body building football and the NFL, while also being one of the most requested sport in almost every metric.

That is a lot of cash for short personalized videos. It is also notable that Danhausen appears on this list of pro wrestling legends. You can check out some of the numbers below.

Nikunj Walia

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