Alexa Bliss is known for being the first woman to win both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s. It seems she just can’t seem to get a break this week. After losing her Uber account, there’s another incident that made her week worse.

It all started when the former Women’s Champion chose to visit her home after finding a window between her very busy schedule. It was her first time home following a very stressful month.

“First time home since Oct 26th – only for 8 hours. But worth getting to see pups before having to fly back out in a few hours 🖤”

It appears her schedule has taken quite a toll on her. Alexa tweeted about how she wish she wasn’t so prone to stress.


“I really wish I didn’t get stressed out so easily”

Several hours later, Alexa then uploaded a really jarring bloody picture of herself. According to Alexa, the puppies just couldn’t control their excitement after seeing her after a very long time. Unfortunately, the puppies ended up splitting her lip in the process of showing their love.

“Get home – dogs are so excited that they split my lip… fantastic”

A few minutes later, she cited what an eventful day she had. From dealing with stress to suffering an injury, it truly was a bizarre day for Alexa.

“What a freakin day lol”

It remains to be seen what this means for Alexa Bliss regarding her next WWE appearance. All the well, we hope she recovers quickly from this unfortunate experience. For more updates, stay tuned to Ringside News.

What’s your take on Alexa blesses and unfortunate injury ? Sound off in the comments below !

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