Yoshihiro Asai, aka Ultimo Dragon, continues performing even though the great majority of his peers are retiring around him. Chris Jericho, one of Asai’s rivals, is still active and on top of his game. Ultimo Dragon has been through a lot in his storied career, but his run in WWE didn’t pan out. There is a reason for that, because Vince McMahon’s creative vision for him did not work out in the slightest.

The legendary pro wrestler was interviewed this week on Steve Fall’s Ten Count. Dragon discussed his professional background, including his time in WCW and brief stay in WWE.

Dragon said through his interpreter that WWE wanted to change his image and look, but he wanted to maintain who he was. He also revealed that WWE wanted to remove his mask, but that wasn’t in the cards at all.

WWE wanted to change his image and look and remove who he was and remove who he was, so he requested to leave because he wanted to maintain who he was. He stayed. There were no bad terms, but he wanted to be who he was and did not want to change who he was.


Yes, they wanted to take his mask off. He wasn’t against the idea, but they had a lot of ideas for him to remove his mask. They just figured it would be something that would be better for them and him. He was open to it, but there wasn’t something really there for it.

What they said was, being that Rey Mysterio was so popular, they didn’t see a need to have two masked wrestlers, so they wanted to keep Mysterio as the only mask and then remove him from being masked, and he says he understands. He said he understands that as a promoter, he understands why and I agree with them, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

In the end, it’s their company and they have their own decisions as to how they want to make it work. I will follow suit. I’m their employee, they’re my employer, so I’ll do what they need me to do and that’s how every wrestler should be. Listen to what the boss wants and and do. Obviously if it doesn’t work for you, then you can discuss, but in the end, without the boss you know, then there’s no work and there’s no wrestlers.

Ultimo Dragon also expressed his desire to wrestle Chris Jericho one more time, adding to their storied rivalry. He was asked whether he would wrestle another match in WWE or AEW. To that, Ultimo Dragon said he would love to go back at least one more time against Jericho. Stay tuned to Ringside News for the latest news and updates.

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