Today marks the 17th year death anniversary of one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time, the late great Eddie Guerrero. The wrestling world pays tribute to Latino Heat on the day he left us all each year, and his wife decided to remember Eddie today.

Vickie Guerrero, Eddie’s wife and the mother of his children took to Instagram to put out a heartfelt post for her late husband, remembering this day 17 years ago, being happy for Eddie enjoying up in heaven and hoping to continue his legacy while thanking Latino Heat for granting him a place in the industry.

“Today is a bittersweet day of remembering how my life changed on this day at 5:30 in the morning. It’s no longer a sad day because Eddie is with the Lord eating all the cheesecake and brownies in heaven!

I stopped being angry with God for taking Eddie from me because he left with peace in his heart and accomplished everything he had put his heart into. He entertained audiences with his incredible talent of lying, cheating, and stealing the hearts of every fan!


My heart is full when I see superstars and fans across the world pay tribute to Eddie….he was gone too soon and will never be forgotten!

Eddie…..I see the red cardinal visit me often and it’s a visual that you are watching over me. I hear songs that remind me of you and I know you are my guardian angel.

I know you see that I am loving life, being loved, and taken care of. Life after you was difficult but day by day, I found my smile, my peace, and I found someone to love and protect me!
Each time I walk into the ring, I know you are in the corner laying across the top rope, I will continue to make you proud and remember your legacy gifted me a place in the ring.”

Eddie Guerrero was considered one of the most talented superstars on the WWE roster. He debuted as a part of the Radicalz and quickly transcended to the top of the company with his Latino Heat gimmick. Guerrero’s mantra of ‘lie, cheat and steal’, dirty tactics to win, low-riders and captivating personality made him a fan favorite among the audience.

However, Eddie Guerrero ride of success was cut short on November 13 2005 when he suffered a cardiac arrest in his hotel room in Minneapolis and passed away in the arms of his nephew Chavo Guerrero. Fans and current superstars still miss Guerrero to this day with many such as Sasha Banks, Dominik Mysterio and Rhea Ripley calling Eddie a huge influence on their careers.

Vickie Guerrero worked for the WWE in various on-screen roles since Eddie passed away. She left the company in 2014, while making sporadic appearances for the company until 2018. Vickie made her debut for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) in 2019, serving as the manager for Nyla Rose and Andrade El Idolo.

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