JBL is a veteran in the pro wrestling world who eventually became one of the biggest heels in WWE. He also developed reputation for being a bully. He also had his final match against Rey Mysterio and it was for a good reason.

JBL defended his Intercontinental Championship against Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 25 back in 2009. Mysterio ended up defeating Bradshaw in less than 30 seconds.

Following his loss, JBL announced his retirement from pro wrestling for good. While speaking on the latest Table For 3 episode alongside Booker T and Mysterio, JBL recalled how Vader unselfishly lost to him in 1998. JBL revealed that he chose Mysterio for his retirement match in order to give back to the pro wrestling business.

“Everything that he [Vader] had that he could give me, he did that day,” Layfield said. “That’s why when my back got bad and I had to retire, that I chose you [Mysterio], and I said, ‘This is my last match, and whatever JBL has, you’re gonna get what I got,’ which ain’t a lot at that point.


I tried to get as much heat as possible on myself and on you that when that finish went off, that one, two, three, that whatever equity JBL had, I gave it to you,” Layfield continued. “To me, that’s what you do in the business. You do it for people you love, you love the business, you love people around you. That, to me, is paying it forward. It was an honor to do it.”

JBL has currently taken Baron Corbin under his wings. We will have to wait and see how WWE will develop their partnership in the coming weeks

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