Jeff Hardy made headlines recently after being arrested for driving while inebriated after leaving a concert at a Dave & Busters. Much of the responsibility was placed on him, but some of it was also placed on Matt Hardy, who was present at the event with his brother before his arrest. Matt recently addressed fans accusing him of putting Jeff in harm’s way.

One of the stories now circulating about Matt Hardy on social media is that he encouraged his brother, Jeff Hardy, to continue living life of risk-taking both inside and outside the ring. Some even claim that Matt ‘allowed’ Jeff to stray from the path once more.

A fan accused Matt of orchestrating Jeff’s abrupt departure from the WWE last December and of encouraging the high-flying Charismatic Enigma to perform risky stunts at the age of 44. Matt responded emotionally to the accusations with a Tweet.

Words posted on Twitter cannot hurt me. I’ve never suggested my bro do anything that hurts him.. As a matter of fact, I proposed the Brother Nero concept so Jeff WOULD NOT do his high impact moves. I don’t care if Jeff ever wrestles again, I just want him healthy for his family.


For what it’s worth, the individual who was receiving Matt’s response deactivated their Twitter account. We’re guessing they heard a lot of reactions from Hardy’s fan base over that tweet.

Following Jeff’s DUI arrest on June 13th, Matt’s post appeared to reflect his thoughts. We’re wishing Jeff the best as he tries once again to get clean.

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