Arena Coliseo is a popular arena in Mexico City, located at República del Perú 77 in the Cuauhtémoc borough. The arena is primarily used for professional wrestling, or lucha libre, shows promoted by Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL). There was recently a non-related shooting outside the arena.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed a non-related shooting outside of Arena Coliseo in the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There were scenes of terror and desperation at the Lucha event. It was around eleven o’clock on Sunday night in the heart of Monterrey.

A man exited the venue with two young women, while another jumped out of a car parked outside and fired at Konan Big as hundreds of spectators saw him bid wrestling farewell in the legendary Arena Coliseo. The victim was identified as 35 years old.35-year-old Jorge Adrián S.

There was a non-related shooting outside of Arena Coliseo in Monterrey after the KAOZ promotion show on 11/6 ended. A man got out of a van, shot another man twice and jumped back in the van and left. The man shot, whose name was not released, was a fan from Reynosa who was well known for collecting masks, and had a lot of fans and wrestlers in the area who knew him.


The police believed he was targeted, and that somebody in the arena was watching him and when he left, signaled for the shooter that he was leaving the building. Video was posted of people running back into the arena when the shooting took place, It showed wrestler Fresero Jr., helping people and calming then down as they panicked

The remaining audience members were desperate and fled the scene to defend themselves as best they could, as seen in the pictures. The victim had already passed away by the time the Red Cross got there. The victim of the incident was known as “The Godfather,” he was a devotee of fighting and a mask collector, yet the attacker’s motivation remains a mystery.

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