Saraya recently shared some exciting news with her fans. She confirmed that she is ready to wrestle during AEW Dynamite. To prove it, she even shared her medical clearance, which some fans called fake, and she retaliated. Saraya has now disclosed the first person she texted after receiving her medical clearance.

Saraya mentioned this while talking on The Sessions With Renee Paquette. Saraya stated that the first person she texted was Mercedes, the real name of Sasha Banks. Saraya mentioned how wrestling is all about injuries, and she even read the text she sent to Sasha.

“The first person I texted…was Mercedes, Sasha,” Saraya said. She was then interrupted by Renne who said, “Oh my gosh, I didn’t know that, what was that conversation like?” To which Saraya replied, “So I text…and she was one of the first people I text, because I’m like I have all that stuff like that can mentally f*ck someone up and someone’s career.”

This is important, because a spot with Sasha Banks accidentally ended Saraya’s career years ago. The first-ever NXT Women’s Champion went on to explain how it went down.


It’s an accident, it happens in wrestling that’s what we sign up for…um..I told her, and I was just like, I just wanna let you know, I’d probably read the text actually, ‘Hey sis I just wanna let you know this since I know this whole thing was really tough when you mentally, but my doctor just cleared and told me that my neck is a 100% ready to go. I haven’t told anyone else, but I know this is going to make you feel good, I’m back, HAHA.’ And she just like I’m so happy, you know she just like over the mood and stuff like that…I don’t want you to feel bad anymore, my neck healed and in a good time, you know it’s five years, and I’m officially back and that’s pretty f*cking inspiring.

Saraya needs to prove herself once more now that she has returned. Let’s see what she has planned for us next. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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