Saraya, formerly known as Paige, sent shockwaves across the entire wrestling world when she decided to jump ship to AEW after her WWE deal expired in July 2022. Many have wonder about Saraya’s physical well-being, and now she has gone on to reveal further details.

The Anti Diva made her first AEW appearance on Grand Slam on September 21st, 2022. Saraya went on to confront Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D on the October 5th episode of AEW Dynamite. This led to a brawl between the two superstars, marking the first time Saraya got physical inside the wrestling ring since her retirement in 2018 due to severe neck issues.

Saraya revealed that she has been medically cleared on the November 9th episode of Dynamite during heated exchange with Britt Baker, challenging the Role Model to a match at AEW’s upcoming pay-per-view Full Gear. The former Paige has now revealed that she was not cleared by the doctors when she first got physical in AEW on The Sessions with Renee Paquette.

“How the internet works…Oh she got to talk to like 25 doctors and AEW doctor, Dr. Samson cleared her. He didn’t clear for anything. Firstly, when I went out there with Britt and we did our own thing, I didn’t ask clearance from the doctor. He was cool with it and said “just please don’t take a bump.”


We’ll have to see what’s next for AEW and Saraya. Odds are, she will continue making headlines, no matter what she does. Hopefully, her controversial medical clearance will also pan out as a great idea that nobody ever regrets.

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