Saraya recently addressed coming back into the ring for AEW. For the first time in nearly five years, she is permitted to compete in the squared circle. She has now admitted that legal concerns nearly prevented her from having her theme song approved.

Saraya’s theme song, Zombified by Falling In Reverse, is a catchy tune. However, while finalizing the song, they came across a few legal hurdles. Tony Khan later made some calls to clear the song for Saraya to use during her bouts.

“My manager came in and said “I don’t think we can use Ronnie’s music” and I said “are you sh**ting me” absolutely not, i can’t change the music”

Ronnie Radke, Saraya’s boyfriend and the voice on that track, also chimed in on the matter to help get it cleared. Her manager came right before her debut to inform her about the concerns about the usage of the song. However, with the efforts and influence of Khan and Ronnie, everything fell into place.


Saraya remarked, not wanting to change the track since she thought it was perfect for her. Tony acted on a dime after receiving a text from her about the situation. She claims that the whole situation was solved within a matter of minutes after she rang the AEW president up.

“It’s not because it’s Ronnie’s song but it’s just the perfect song. Then I called Tony…he’s in the middle of ordering the show, the show’s running live, his mind’s running f***ing 100 miles an hour. Straight away he got me in a group chat with these legal alums.”

The former Paige declared that she had received “100% clearance” to resume her ring work. It happened during a face-to-face exchange with Baker on “AEW Dynamite” on November 9th. With everything on, the possibilities are endless for Saraya in AEW.

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