Tony Khan is the owner of two wrestling businesses. Both AEW and ROH are trying to compete with the wrestling juggernaut in WWE. Of course, WWE has years of experience under its belt in doing shows all along. There is also other competition from all over, including college football.

Tony Khan’s Ring of Honor has another pay-per-view coming on December 10th. The show will take place at the University of Texas at Arlington, with a special start time of 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. Tony Khan spoke to Sports Illustrated on the matter and explained why Final Battle is an afternoon show.

The college football landscape changes on that day, so it’s a unique opportunity for us to run in the afternoon and see if there is a market for us. There is a great game between Army and Navy, but it’s not a typical big-conference college football Saturday. It’s a great opportunity for us.

It will be different for us in the afternoon, but we’re excited for it. We’re going to deliver a great show for wrestling fans.


Tony Khan understands that pay-per-views are generally evening events, but he has a reason behind the 4 PM EST time. WWE will hold NXT Deadline on Peacock on the night of December 10th, although Final Battle was announced before this NXT special. 

It’s interesting to see Tony Khan take the business up a notch and the competition to another level. The results of this will be known at a later date. If the event succeeds, it will be a new benchmark and an example that afternoon pay-per-views can work.

What do you think of this strategy? Sound off in the comments.

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