Backstage fights have received a huge spotlight in 2022 because of the events in AEW. Sammy Guevara was in a couple of spats backstage and the Brawl Out situation is infamous at this point. Road Dogg has recently talked about backstage fights in the wrestling industry, and he claims that they “used to happen all the time.”

Road Dogg opened up about this on the Oh You Didn’t Know podcast, where he recalled one of the most well-known backstage fights of all time, in which Shawn Michaels lost some hair to Bret Hart. Road Dogg remembered being present for the altercation that happened on June 9th, 1997, in Hartford, following a Raw event. He didn’t see the fight start, but he thought it was silly.

“I’ve seen this same thing happen in my backyard a million times. They were locked up, not really throwing no punches, but Shawn lost a chunk of hair.”

Road Dogg then made a reference to the hostility between The Elite and CM Punk. He said that while incidents like that used to occur frequently, they needed to be resolved if they were to continue.


“One just happened not long ago that made the stinking news, and people are getting fired and, holy mackerel, it used to happen all the time … it was just like, ‘Oh, the boys will be boys and they’ll beat each other up, and then they’ll fight together.’

If there’s real animosity in there, that’s a cancer that needs to be extracted.”

Road Dogg recently grabbed attention when he asserted that he was greater sports entertainer than Bret Hart. Obviously, he has no shortage of stories to tell or hot takes to share. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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