“Stone Cold” Steve Austin is no doubt one of the greatest and influential wrestlers to step foot in WWE. Austin was an integral part of the WWE’s attitude era, helping the company win the Monday Night Wars against WCW. Austin has definitely had some defining moments throughout his career but there’s one moment that he just can’t seem to forget.

Steve Austin recently spoke to Complex about seeing a young LeBron James attend a 2003 episode of WWE Raw. LeBron James had just been in the NBA for a week when he attended WWE Raw with a flip phone to capture moments. James was visibly excited to see all the WWE Superstars fight it out, especially lighting up when Austin was in the ring. Years later, we would see LeBron pay homage to Austin by repping a LeBron 3:16 shirt.

Austin seeing LeBron cheering him from ringside was a part of his career that he would always remember. Austin recalled being very flattered to have an athlete from another sport recognize him in the ring.

“I have forgotten so many things, but I remember that vividly. I was in the ring, he had that flip phone out and was taking pictures. He was basketball. Everything was about LeBron and he was about to really get going and take over the sport. To see him out there, being at a WWE event and be a fan of Stone Cold was very flattering. At the time, I was in character, and when I’m in character, all I’m doing is turning the dial up. That’s not a gimmick, that’s me. I wanted to go out there and shake his hand and slap him on the back, but I couldn’t do that. All these years, for him to bust out the LeBron 3:16 shirt, very cool,” 


LeBron James wasn’t the only NBA player that was a fan of the Texas Rattlesnake. Over the years, many other NBA players have paid tribute to Austin. In October 2018, Damian Lillard took it to whole new level when he dressed as Austin for a pre-game. Austin appreciated all the NBA players who paid tribute to him over the years.

“Flattering. Totally flattering to see these premiere athletes remember a guy…I came into my hot spot from 96 through 03. A long time ago. For these guys to still remember that, I guess I impacted their life in such a way that they’re paying homage or paying tribute. I really appreciate it and I respect them back.”

Steve Austin retired from wrestling after losing to The Rock at WrestleMania XIX. Austin wrestled for the first in 19 Years when he accepted Kevin Owen’s challenge for a No-Holds Barred match at WrestleMania 38. Austin emerged victorious after ending the match with a Stone Cold Stunner. We’ll have to see what’s next for Austin, but you can never say never about linking up with LeBron James again in the future, either.

Who has a bigger impact on sports between Steve Austin & LeBron James? Sound off in the comments!

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