WWE once told Lady Frost she was too old to work for their company. Lady Frost also got her release months after she asked IMPACT Wrestling for it.

According to information obtained by Fightful Select, Lady Frost was released in October, months after she requested it from IMPACT Wrestling. IMPACT initially had no intention of giving the release, but it did so just before the most recent round of television taping.

Many people within the business advocated for the change to be made, since they felt that keeping her under contract wouldn’t be beneficial. In an effort to secure the release, Lady Frost had spoken personally with Leonard Asper, president and CEO of Anthem, and had followed up frequently.

Lady Frost had been appearing on CMLL shows lately, which suggested that she might be a free agent; nevertheless, she is indeed a free agent. According to sources, CMLL was pleased with Frost’s performance, and the two parties intend to collaborate again in the future.


Fightful Select has learned that Lady Frost received her release in October, months after she’d asked IMPACT Wrestling to grant it. Originally, IMPACT was not planning on granting the release, but it happened before the most recent set of television tapings, we’re told. There were several in the company that had pushed for them to make the move, as it didn’t seem productive to keep her under contract.

Lady Frost had went directly to Leonard Asper, President and CEO of Anthem, and followed up regularly in an attempt to get the release. She worked CMLL shows in recent weeks, which indicated that she would possibly be a free agent, but now, Fightful has confirmed that was the case. Sources have indicated that CMLL was happy with Frost’s performance, and the two sides plan on working together in the future.

Lady Frost wrestled for AEW and NWA before signing a contract with Impact Wrestling, where she became an important part of the Knockouts Division. We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Lady Frost.

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