Gunther is widely regarded as one of the most dominant NXT champions of all time. The former NXT UK Champion held the title for 870 days after winning the title at NXT Takeover: New York in 2019. He went on to hold until NXT Takeover 36 when he lost the belt to Ilja Dragunov.

Given the fact that he held the title for 800+ days which is similar to Roman Reigns. This has drawn a comparison between fans who always compare Gunther’s title run with that of Roman Reigns. However, while speaking to Steve Fall on Ten Count, Gunther explained why the two reigns aren’t comparable.

“Obviously I see that comparison a lot. I think it’s not comparable. I think it’s a very different situation. NXT UK compared to the main roster, obviously the competition is not on the same level. The frequency of shows is by far not on the same level, and I held it during the pandemic time. I would say I had a title reign where it was quality over quantity. I didn’t have that many matches, but the matches I had were entertaining and good, while Roman, he’s not there that often at the moment anymore, but before he was always present, traveling up and down the country, doing all those live events as the champion. So I think those two title reigns are not really comparable and I don’t compare [them],” Gunther said.

Gunther’s current reign as Intercontinental Champion is already considered one of the best reigns of the past decade. The Ring General has proven to be a fighting champion who isn’t afraid to take the fight to his opponents. We will have to wait and see who will be Gunther’s next challenger.


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