It’s Sunday, August 22nd and tonight is NXT TakeOver 36! And we at Ringside News have you covered with live play-by-play results coverage. Start time for TakeOver is 7:30 PM EST with the hour-long Kick-Off Show. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below.

After an eventful SummerSlam last night, NXT TakeOver 36 has the potential to steal alll the headlines and mindshare. And that’s because of the incredible line-up of matches we have in store. Our main event sees NXT Champion Karrion Kross defend against the returning Samoa Joe. This intense feud has been fantastic and Joe is the favourite to dethrone Kross who has been a frequent on RAW as of late.

Two other matches tonight will be vying for the match of the weekend, and those are Walter Vs. Ilja Dragunov II for the United Kingdom Championship, and Adam Cole Vs. Kyle O’Reilly in a Two-Out-of-Three Falls match. Both of these matches are guaranteed to be barn-burners, with the latter being the end of a very personal feud and the former potentially ending a historic title reign.

The rest of the card is no less exciting as Dakota Kai challenges her former friend Raquel Gonzalez for the NXT Women’s Championshp, and Cameron Grimes gets one last shot against L.A Knight for the Million Dollar Championship. Before any of that though, the Kick-Off Show will feature Ridge Holland Vs. Trey Baxter. And that’s the preview for TakeOver36. You can read all the live results right here by clicking the refresh link below. Enjoy!


Kick-Off Show

Sam Roberts and McKenzie Mitchell welcome us to the show and runs down the entire card for tonight’s TakeOver.

A lengthy video package airs to hype Kyle O’Reilly Vs. Adam Cole III. We see both men arriving at the arena earlier today. Roberts says Cole wants to win 2-0 and he’s going to do everything he can to make sure he doesn’t end up inside a cage. They understand O’Reilly’s anger because Cole is taking credit for his entire career. No matter who wins, this feud ends tonight.

Rob Armstrong from BT Sports joins Sam and McKenzie to talk about Walter and Ilkja Dragunov. Armstrongs says Ilja winning would change the entire landscape of NXT U.K. He continues that he was on hand for the first match and he never heard or saw a match so physical before. Walter’s been Champion for three years and he always has wars with guys like Pete Dunne, Tommaso Ciampa etc. The only way to win is to outlast Walter and Dragunov could be the person to do it.

Ridge Holland W/Pete Dunne Vs. Trey Baxter

Baxter rushes Holland in the corner and attacks him but Ridge shoulder tackles him across the ring. Ridge hits an arm-trap suplex and taunts Trey before hitting an overhead suplex. Holland forearms Baxter but the smaller guy lands some quick offence and looks for a springboard but gets grabbed and headbutted. Holland lifts Baxter up for Northern Grit.

Winner: Ridge Holland

The final match up for discussion is the main event between Samoa Joe and Karrion Kross. Roberts wonders if Joe understands what Kross has done to NXT, how much chaos he has inflicted. Joe’s been gone a long time and we don’t know if he’s on the level he used to be. Karrion Kross is the hardest fight for Joe and tonight we find out who is the better man. And that’s it for the Kick-Off Show!

NXT TakeOver 36

NXT TakeOver 36 Opens with Wade Barrett, Beth Phoenix and Vic Joseph at ringside welcoming us to the show. The trio explain their hype for tonight’s show and Beth says she took a red-eye from Las Vegas to be here and she can’t wait for this.

WWE Hall of Famer, Ted Dibiase, makes his way onto the stage where an official brings a trash can out with a gold rim and Dibiase hands him some money. Cameron Grimes comes out dressed in his butler outfit, then Dibiase instructs him in dumping it all in the trash and Grimes is wearing sparkly black gear with dollar signs on it.

Million Dollar Championship

(C) L.A Knight Vs. Cameron Grimes W/Ted Dibiase

The match gets underway and the fans chant “to the moon” so Knight gets on the ropes to berate them. They lock-up and Knight forces Grimes to the corner and mocks him but Grimes slaps his face. Cameron chops Knight and hits a kitchen sink knee. Grimes kicks the chest and hits a back drop, then Knight rolls to the outside. Grimes goes to the apron and hits a Penalty Kick and Dibiase cackles nearby.

Grimse runs Knight into the barricade, then sets him on the steel steps and Dibiase Irish whips Grimes at him so he can hit a dropkick! Knight hits a cheap shot, then he tosses Grimes into the barricade for some revenge. Knight gets Grimes inside but gets kicked in the chest as he comes through the ropes. Grimes boots Knight in the face and goes to the top rope but takes too much time and Knight swipes him off to the floor. Knight beats Grimes on the outside before putting him back in the ring.

Knight hits a catapult into the bottom rope and hits some ground-and-pound. Grimes starts to make a comeback, dodges Knight and looks for a Frankensteiner but gets powerbombed. Knight applies a rear chinlock for a minute before Grimes slings him off. Knight catches Grimes with a tilt-a-whirl slam and taunts Dibiase. Knight looks for a springboard moonsault but nobody’s home. Grimes hits a flying forearm, and another, followed by a boot in the corner.

Grimes wants the Millio Dollar Dream but gets elbowed away. Grimes hits a German suplex and a Frankensteiner for a near-fall. Grimes runs but Knight kicks his knee and Cameron hits the bottom rope. Grimes lands some forearms but Knight counters him and hits a Death Valley Driver for a near-fall. Knight wants the BLT but Grimes shoves him off and hits a knee. Knight lands a knee of his own but Grimes fires back with a superkick.

Knight shoves Grimes over the ropes but he holds on and comes back in for a spinning crossbody and a near-fall. Grimes kicks Knight’s chest in the corner and he seems to be bleeding from the eye. Knight manages to lift Grimes onto the top rope and climbs up behind him for some forearms to the back and a massive release German superplex. Knight crawls to the pin but Grimes kicks out. Grimes counters the BLT and gets the Million Dollar Dream locked-in! Knight fights it and kicks off the ropes to roll into a pin attempt but Grimes flips out still holding the submission.

With a last gasp Knight is able to fling Grimes off and face-first into the buckles. Knight rolls from the ring and grabs the Million Dollar Championship and gets in the ring with it. He argues with Dibiase and the referee but Grimes superkicks him and he rolls outsdie where Dibiase punches him behind the referee’s back, then applies the Million Dollar Dream before rolling him back in. Grimes hits the Cave-In for the win!

Winner and New Million Dollar Champion: Cameron Grimes

NXT WOmen’s Championship

(C) Raquel Gonzalez Vs. Dakota Kai

The bell rings and neither woman moves. They slowly walk to the middle of the ring and Kai slaps Raquel in the face! Kai avoids Gonzalez but eventually gets picked-up and run into the corner. Raquel hits shoulder tackles but Kai turns it around and looks for the Kaio Kick but Gonzalez sends her to the outside. Raquel brings Dakota back in by the head and looks to powerbomb her but Dakota hits a scorpion kick and rolls outside to regroup.

As Dakota tries to get back inside, Gonzalez grabs and throws her. Raquel hits a fallaway slam, then catches Kai and hits a military press into the corner. Raquel hits another fallway slam and looks for a Vader Bomb but Kai avoids it and hits the Kaio Kick but Raquel falls from the ring. Dakota tries to drag her back into the ring but she can’t lift her. Eventually she gets her inside at the count of nine and pins for a two-count.

Dakota hangs Raquel over the middle rope and boots her in the face, then hits a Recoil. Dakota kicks Gonzalez but the Champion starts firing back and hits a huge powerslam toss. Gonzalez lifts Kai for a sidewalk slam and goes to the corner for a spinning Vader Bomb and a near-fall. Raquel lifts Kai up for the one-handed powerbomb but Dakota counters into an armbar. Raquel quickly swings Kai into the buckles to get her off.

Dakota looks for a scorpion kick again but this time Raquel counters into an impressive sit-out powerbomb for a near-fall. Kai lands a series of kicks to Gonzalez on her knees. Raquel looks for a powerbomb but Dakota fights it, so Gonzalez tosses her off onto the top rope and Dakota falls to the elevated rampway. Both women slowly get back to their feet and Dakota htis a superkick but Raquel doesn’t feel it, then Dakota hits another kick and the Kairopractor for a near-fall!

Kai grabs Raquel by the hair and trash talks her, then Gonzalez lifts her up but Dakota rolls down the back and they fall from the ring. Kai puts her back inside and goes to the top rope for a double stomp and a near-fall. Gonzalez counters Dakota and runs her into the corner. They brawl on the top rope but Kai slides down between her legs and pulls her head down to kick it. Kai then looks for the Kaio Kick but Raquel grabs her and lifts her up for a Chingona Bomb from the middle rope and the win!

Winner: Raquel Gonzalez

After the match Dakota retreats to the corner to lick her wounds. Raquel stands with the title and holds it above her head while staring at Kai. Suddenly, out comes Kay Lee Ray from NXT UK and she stares down Raquel.

NXT United Kingdom Championship

(C) Walter Vs. Ilja Dragunov

This highly-anticipated match begins and they circle each other until Walter grabs the arm and hits a Judo throw. Walter backs him to the ropes and wants a chop but Ilja avoids it and hits one of his own, then another and Walter gets angry. Ilja continues to avoid the Champion, then shoots for a singl leg but Walter blocks it and takes a front facelock. Walter lands a few knees to the ribs, then lifts Dragunov and punches him. Walter grabs Ilja but gets elbowed off.

Dragunov hits the ropes and shoulder tackles Dragunov, then catches a flying Walter and slam him! Dragunov takes Walter down with a side headlock. Walter slowly forces him to the corner but Dragunov blocks a chop and takes Walter down. Dragunov attempts to isolate and damage the chopping arm of Walter with a submission. Walter deadlifts Ilja from the mat onto his shoulder and sets him on the top rope and chops his neck so hard he collapses to the floor.

Walter goes outside and powerbombs Dragunov into the apron, then gets him back in the ring. Walter looks for a sleeper but Ilja blocks it so Walter hit a release German suplex. Walter drags Dragunov into the middle of the ring, kicks his spine, then applies a Boston crab. Ilja doesn’t tap so Walter transitions to a bulldog choke. Both men get to their feet and trade chops back and forth, then Walter manages to get a sleeper locked in. Walter wants a piledriver but Ilja counters with a back drop.

Walter forearms Ilja but the Russian fires back with a knee, then some lariats. Dragunov looks for the Constantine Special but Walter counters with an exploder suplex. Walter kicks the back and chest of Ilja on the mat, then kicks him in the face as he stands up. Dragunov gets back up and they trade chops once more and Ilja catches him with a wristlock and knees to the chest. Ilja slaps and chops the faceof Walter, then elbows his neck repeatedly. Dragunov’s chest is blood red.

Walter lifts him up but Ilja gets free and drags the Champion into a big knee. Dragunov jumps at Walter but gets caught with a lariat, then Walter hits the ropes for a clothesline from Hell and a near-fall. Walter chops the back but it only serves to fire Dragunov up and he drops the Champion with a lariat. Ilja hits a chop to the back of his own and a German suplex. Walter chops the neck but Dragunov does the same, then lands a knee and a suplex for a near-fall.

Dragunov goes up top for a flying dropkick, then across to the other corner for a flying senton. Dragunov runs for Torpedo Moscow but Walter catches him with the sleeper and hits a tiger suplex. Dragunov pops back up and hits Torpedo Moscow and both men are down. Ilja waits for him to get up and hits Torpedo Moscow again and covers…1…2…kick out! Dragunov can’t believe it, he sits in the corner holding his face. Walter slowly gets up and Ilja chops him four times but Walter hits one of his own and covers for a near-fall.

Walter goes up top but Ilja jumps up and grabs him for a superplex. Dragunov goes up top and hits a flying dropkick and again they’re both down. Ilja runs but Walter cuts him off with a massive dropkick, then quickly follows-up with a powerbomb for a near-fall! Walter chops Ilja in the face twice, then knees him and lansd a powerbomb. Walter goes to the top rope and hits a splash but Dragunov kicks out! Walter gets atp Ilja and lands big rights and lefts, then locks-in the sleeper but Ilja slings him off.

Walter hits a boot, then Dragunov hits a springboard headbutt. Dragunov lands a flurry of elbows to Walter and takes his back with a sleeper of his own. Walter climbs the ropes with Dragunov on his back and jumps off backwards. Ilja goes right back to the elbows to the head and grabs the sleeper again. Walter stands with Dragunov on his back and jumps down but the Russian continues to hold on. Walter struggles so Dragunov let’s go and batters him with kicks and chops and forearms, then locks in the sleeper and Walter taps!!!

Winner and New United Kingdom Champion: Ilja Dragunov

Cameron Grimes and Ted Dibiase are interviewed backstage. Grimes says his daddy is looking down and smiling because his son has become a Champion, and not just any Champion but the Million Dollar Champion. Dibiase says when he came to NXT he was looking for someone to continue his legacy and in Grimes he saw a man who wouldn’t give in and stood for what he believes in. And now he’s the Champion so they’re going to celebrate. Grimes says the celebartions will last until Tuesday where they have a Million Dollar Celebration!

Samoa Joe is warming-up backstage and William Regal joins him. Regal says they’ve had their differences but he’s very glad he came back. He has to remain impartial so he hopes Joe and Kross can entertain the fans… and he hopes Joe kicks his ass.

Two-Out-Of-Three Falls

Adam Cole Vs. Kyle O’Reilly

The first fall, a singles amtch, gets underway and they run and kick each other. Both men trades punches and O’Reilly kicks Cole out of the ring. O’Reilly goes to the apron and hits a flying knee. Kyle slams Cole into the steps and kicks him into the barricade back-and-forth. Cole kicks O’Reilly, then takes the top of the steel steps off and looks for the brainbuster but O’Reilly counters with a suplex on the floor.

Back in the ring, O’Reilly hits a knee but Cole comes back with a pump kick, then O’Reilly hits a kitchen sink and an axe kick for a two-count. O’Reilly looks for an armbar but Cole fights it so he transitions to an ankle lock. Cole kicks O’Reilly off and hits a flying knee for a two-count. Cole hits an enziguiri but O’Reilly fires back with a discus clothesline. Cole catches O’Reilly with a superkick, then looks for Panama Sunrise but O’Reilly sits into a pin and wins!

1-0 Kyle O’Reilly

2nd Fall: Street Fight

The action immediately spills out of the ring and O’Reilly sets Cole on a chair and puts a trash can over his head, then goes to the apron and hits a flying dropkick! O’Reilly tosses another trash cans, some chairs, and Kendo sticks into the ring. O’Reilly goes to the top rope and Cole superkicks his foot and he falls onto the corner of the ropes and tumbles to the floor.

O’Reilly is favouring his ribs, so Cole goes out and runs O’Reilly gut-first into the announce desk. Cole gets him back in the ring and slams a chair into his ribs, then stands over him and pushes a chair down into his mid-section. Cole wedges a chair in the corner and continues kicking the ribs of Kyle. Cole tries to whip him into the chair but O’Reilly fights it until Adam kicks his gut again. O’reilly is whipped hard but he slides to avoid the cahir and ends-up hitting the ring post and falling to the outside.

Cole gets him back in the ring and beats him with the Kendo stick a few times. Cole makes it look like he’s going for the Last Shot and Kyle covers his head, so Cole grabs the Kendo and cracks him in the back. Cole takes him down with a submision using the Kendo stick in his mouth but O’Reilly won’t quit. Cole pummels the back of Kyle’s head with forearms. O’reilly gets up and trade forearms with Cole, then lands some knees but his ribs hurt and he falls so Cole kicks his face.

O’Reilly catches him with a quick German suplex, then kicks the chest. O’Reilly sets a chair up and hits a kneebreaker onto it, followed by a dargon screw into the chair. O’Reilly runs at Cole but misses and hits the chair in the corner. Both men trade shots until hitting stereo pump kicks and both go down. Cole goes out and gets a steel chair from under the apron but when he gets back inside, O’Reilly has a chain of his own. They meet in the middle of the ring punching each other with chained fists, then Cole hits a superkick for a near-fall.

Cole crawls out of the ring and up the ramp and O’Reilly chases after him. Cole kicks the gut of O’Reilly on the ramp but Kyle grabs him in a guillotine. O’Reilly runs Cole off the ramp into the plexi-glass and slowly drags him over to the steel steps. O’Reilly wants the brainbuster on the steps but Cole counters with a swinging neckbreaker on the floor.

Cole puts Kyle inside and walks around ringside to get another chair. Inside the ring, Cole erects two chairs upright with their backs touching. They brawl around the chairs and Kyle sets Cole’s head on the edge of the chairs, then goes to the top rope. Cole grabs O’Reilly and tosses him off the ropes onto the chairs, then hits the Last Shot for the pinfall.


Third Fall: Steel Cage

As the cage is being lowered doctors are in the ring checking on O’Reilly but Cole runs over and attacks him. Cole knocks O’Reilly out of the ring, then goes out and powerbombs him into the edge of the announce desk! Cole slowly drags O’Reilly’s lifeless body back into the ring and waits until the third fall can officialy begin. Cole boots O’Reilly in the face, then throws him into the cage walls.

O’Reilly turns it around and throws Cole into the cage, then delivers some running forearms to squish Adam against the cage. With Cole draped over the ropes, O’Reilly goes up top and hits a flying knee drop. O’Reilly goes back up top and wants the knee drop but Cole avoids it and looks for the Last Shot but Cole avoids it. O’Reilly hits a Last Shot of his own but Cole kicks out! O’Reilly grabs Cole but gets low-blowed!

The fans are firmly behind Cole as he starts trying to scale the cage but O’Reilly joins him on the top rope and they trade punches. Cole drops O’Reilly and turns around to hit Panama Sunrise for a near-fall. Adam Cole procures some handcuffs and cuffs O’Reilly to the top rope, then punches and kicks him repeatedly. Cole superkicks him twice but O;Reilly catches the third and locks in a Heel Hook and Cole taps!

Winner: Kyle O’Reilly

The fans are none too happy as the match comes to a close and O’Reilly is uncuffed. They chant “bull$hit” as Cole is helped to the back.

Ilja Dragunov is interviewed backstage and his chest is in bad condition. He smiles and says the ring general has fallen, long live the Tsar.

Legado Del Fantasma are backstage. Escobar says he offered Swerve a classy solution to their situation but he didn’t want it. So now him and his thugs are going to find out there is no-one better than Legado Del Fantasma. This Tuesday they will see who laughs last. Also this Tueday will see the final of the Breakout Tournament as Carmelo Hayes takes on Odyssey Jones.

NXT Championship

(C) Karrion Kross Vs. Samoa Joe

Our main event gets underway and they make to lock-up but Kross kicks the leg. The fans chant for Jeff Hardy as Joe rushes Kross and backs him into the corner with punches and a headbutt. Joe chops Kross but the Champion turns it around and kicks the Samoan. Joe turns the tables and hits a leaping kick to Kross, then a snapmare, chop and an elbow drop. Kross forearms Joe but gets grabbed in the Coquida Clutch!

Kross reaches the ropes to force the break but Joe does’t let go, so Kross hits a Saito suplex and follows-up with the Doomsday Elbow and Joe falls out of the ring. Kross goes out and attacks Joe on the floor, running him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Kross beats Joe in the corner and lands a big boot followed by a back suplex for a two-count. Kross applies an ankle lock but Joe rolls through and Karrion is sent to the apron. Joe kicks him off the apron and hits a suicide dive!

They get back inside and Kross knocks Joe into the corner for a series of lariats and an exploder suplex. Kross counters the STO but Joe catches him with a snap powerslam for a near-fall. Joe lifts Kross for a powerbomb and transitions into an STF. Kross slowly reaches the bottom rope with his foot and Joe releases. Kross avoids Joe and hits a big boot, then a knee to the jaw for a two-count. Kross pummels Joe with forearms and stomps his hand, then hits a DDT for a near-fall. Kross elbows Joe in the corner and hits the ropes but Joe cuts him off and hits a belly-to-bely suplex.

Joe lands some right hands and a big boot followed by a senton for a two-count. Joe hits another senton and grabs Kross in the Coquida Clutch and takes him down to the ground. Kross manages to reverse Joe into the Krossjacket. Joe starts fading and he’d bleeding from his mouth but he finds a second wind and runs Kross into the buckles. Kross catches Joe with a forearm to the back, then runs for the Doomsday Elbow but Joe counters with an STO. Joe grabs Kross on the top rope and hits him with a Muscle Buster for the win!

Winner and New nxt cHAMPION: sAMOA jOE

Samoa Joe is the first-ever three-time NXT Champion! Joe poses with te title as we see replays. Joe stands with the NXT Championship on the ramp as fireworks fly.

That does it for NXT TakeOver 36! We want to know what your favourite match was and we’ll see you back here tomorrow night for WWE RAW results, followed by NXT results on Tuesday night. Until then, stay safe!

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