CM Punk’s reputation took a major hit because of his involvement in the All Out brawl. The Straight Edge superstar was stripped of the AEW World Championship during previous episode of Dynamite. The chances of Punk returning to the promotion appear to be slim, and many fans think that he should return to WWE.

Former WWE superstar EC3 shares the fan sentiment that has been running rampant ever since Triple H came to power in WWE. The Game is has previously stated that he’d be open to having conversation with Punk about a possible return to WWE. EC3 recently appeared on The Wrestling Outlaws and provided his take on the CM Punk situation.

“He got hurt fighting children man, take the pay check. You say he’s not a sports entertainer, he’s a wrestler but the dude’s a sports entertainer as much as anybody. Like Doink [The Clown] in a sense because they’re doing the exact same thing, they’re entertaining people via sport. Let me see, does he have a token finish? Yes. Does he have a taunt to set it up? Yes. Does he have noticeable theme music and presence? Yes. Does he do things on his entrance that are part of him and his character and is entertaining, whether it’s taking the knee and doing the [clobbering time] thing? Yeah, he’s a sports entertainer, he’s a pro wrestler, they’re one in the same really.”

AEW is making money off of CM Punk’s merchandise sales as well. It remains to be seen if The Second City and Tony Khan have agreed to some sort of deal behind the scenes.


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