Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio’s friendship is well-documented. The two men were real-life best friends. But what was more famous than their friendship was their heated rivalry that took place in 2005. This rivalry gave way to the infamous storyline that introduced Dominik Mysterio to the WWE fans. Hence, WWE wanted to capitalize on this chemistry with a cartoon.

According to MLW owner Court Bauer who appeared on a recent episode of The Insiders podcast, WWE had plans to release a cartoon featuring villain Eddie Guerrero and hero Rey Mysterio. He described the cartoon as being similar to DuckTales, but with wrestlers instead of ducks. However, Vince McMahon was “lukewarm” on the idea, and it never came to fruition.

Well, there’s two projects. One was a Rey Mysterio cartoon in ’05 I think with Eddie Guerrero. We had art mockup done for it. I remember the art for whatever reason, it was like imagine Duck Tales, but with Lucha masks. They weren’t ducks, but the art was so similar in its style. I remember Eddie Guerrero was going to be the villain in it. It was going to be Rey Mysterio.

They were gonna introduce new characters as a part of it. Where we were going to find the talent to then crossover and be actual wrestlers in WWE, I don’t know. But then you know, Vince was lukewarm on it and it didn’t really get too far out of development. There was support across the company, but the Emperor had to sign off and he didn’t sign off.”


While the rivalry between Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio was amazing, it would’ve been pretty good to see them fight each other in animated form as well. It now looks like such a project will never come to life given the number of projects WWE has going on.

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