Vince Russo is full of stories, like when he secretly served as USA Network consultant. The former WWE writer also claims he stayed in touch with Elias throughout that time. Now, Russo is opening up a bit more about the situation.

Dr. Chris Featherstone and Vince Russo were on The Legion Of RAW to talk about current events on RAW. He mentioned how much he has admired Elias’ work throughout the years. Vince had nothing but admiration for Elias, despite the turbulent career he’s had.

The former WWE writer revealed that he was helping Elias come back to RAW. Before Elias’ return, Russo pitched a number of imaginative ideas for him. Russo was anxious to help elevate Elias’ status in the WWE, but Vince McMahon didn’t appreciate his original ideas.

“Elias and I, not since his return, prior to his return. We went back and forth a lot creatively, and I pitched Elias a lot of stuff that he really, really, really liked. And it’s really good stuff because he is a very, very talented guy.”


Officials from the USA Network received a comprehensive plan from Russo for Elias. That being said, WWE didn’t seem too interested in it. The outspoken writer believes they were incapable of comprehending it.

Since Triple H assumed leadership of WWE, Russo doesn’t think much has changed. He briefly brought up the problems with the company’s product and questioned Otis and Chad Gable’s on-screen performance. However, it did not produce the desired results.

Elias has been with WWE since 2014, and after dropping his Drifter gimmick, he walked for almost five years on the main roster. Russo has made every effort to improve Elias’ situation, but only time will tell if it succeeds.

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