Dana Brooke defended the WWE 24/7 Title on television for the first time in many weeks. Her opponent was Nikki Cross, and they wrestled a serious match instead of a comedy outing like the title is accustomed to. Nikki won and immediately discarded the title during Raw. That seems to close the book on this title.

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When Dana Brooke was defeated in the match, the title appeared to be reset. However, Cross was later shown backstage with Damage CTRL, and she dumped the title by a trash can. She missed the trash can, but it appeared as if WWE was abandoning the title.

Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that WWE is discarding the title. He stated that even though Nikki Cross missed the trash can, WWE will not miss the opportunity to trash the title.


She missed the trash can, but it appears that WWE is trashing the title.

The title was an updated version of the Attitude Era’s Hardcore Title. The 24/7 Title started in 2019 when Vince McMahon decided it was necessary to boost ratings for Monday Night Raw. The title was mostly used in comedy skits in which wrestlers, referees, celebrities, and legends could win it at any time, and multiple title switches would frequently occur during the same show.

Vince McMahon enjoyed the comic parts, but Triple H may not feel the same way if he gets rid of the title. You can watch Nikki toss the title after winning it below. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Ringside News.

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