Jon Moxley was set to compete in the AEW World Title Eliminator Tournament in October 2021, but plans changed. Moxley took hiatus from the ring once it was revealed that he would be joining an intensive alcohol treatment program, and he made his comeback in January 2022. However, Moxley has recently admitted that he was afraid he might pass away in the ring before enrolling in the program.

Moxley recently appeared in an interview with Matt Koesters for the Cincinnati Enquirer where he discussed this challenging period of his career. He revealed that he was frightened of experiencing a seizure and passing away in the ring and he worried about it all the time.

“Over a year ago, I was afraid of dying of a seizure in the ring. I had that on my mind every day. It was all (messed) up, and going through an absolute personal hell for a long time that nobody else even knew about. When you’re scared for your actual life, to make the decision to go to rehab and (stuff) was basically – I had to basically assume I’m giving everything away. I was like, OK, I’m either going to live a long, happy life and raise my kid and be a person, or I can wrestle. But I can’t have both.”

The AEW World Champion continued by saying that after finishing the program, everyone was delighted for him. Moxley emphasized that if he hadn’t received help, he might have died in the ring.


“But when I got out, it turned out that nobody was mad at me at all. Everybody was very happy. I was welcomed back by AEW and by the fans, and it was just like, go and get back to it. And when you’ve already lost everything, all you fear for is your life, literally and figuratively. If I had taken another step in the wrong direction, I could have been on the verge of losing my family if I had gone that way. If I had kept going in another direction, I could have died on live television. I could have literally lost everything. So to make that choice, I had to completely give away everything. I’ll never wrestle in this arena again, I’ll never get to wrestle in front of these fans again, I’ll never get to be on TV again, I’ll never win a championship again, I’ll never make any money again, I’ll go back and get my old job at the arena – I don’t know. I had to give it all away.”

Moxley has reclaimed his position as one of AEW’s leading talents after his return. After winning the AEW Interim World Championship at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, he defeated Bryan Danielson to win the AEW World Championship on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam.

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