WWE Crown Jewel is set to take place in Saudi Arabia on November 5th. This show is supposed to be WWE’s final Premium Live Event of the year. It has now been confirmed that Sami Zayn likely won’t make an appearance at the event, despite being a part of the hottest act in the company.

Dave Meltzer recently discussed the upcoming Saudi Arabia event on Wrestling Observer Radio. He confirmed that Zayn very likley won’t be there. Meltzer noted that the company didn’t want him there before, so that’s highly unlikely to change.

I don’t expect Sami Zayn there. No one has told me specifically that he’s not going, but he has never gone before and they didn’t want him before, and I don’t know if that’s gonna change. He is the most entertaining guy, so who knows?

Zayn is a Syrian Muslim, and his Sami For Syria charity does lot to help out those people in terms of medical accessibility. Saudi Arabia and Syria are not okay with each other, and this was enough for Saudi Arabia to make a request that Zayn stay at home, something that was done years ago when their WWE deal first kicked off. Interestingly enough, the only other Superstar that Saudi Arabia requested WWE not bring was Malakai Black, because they didn’t like his religious-themed tattoos.


We will have to see if Sami Zayn surprises everyone with a Crown Jewel cameo. Odds are he won’t be there unless Saudi Arabia changed their view of the Syrian people.

Transcription by Ringside News.

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